Tracking your Polkadot Staking rewards

To track your DOT staking rewards, you can use the Polkadot Subscan explorer.

1. Enter your account address in the search field.

2. Scroll down until you see "Rewards&Slash". Select it and you will see the list of rewards. You should receive them every 24 hours.

If you find that you have not received one or more DOT staking reward payout, it is probably because of the following reasons:

1. Your stake was allocated to an oversubscribed validator.
2. None of your nominated validators were nominated for an era.

The next section will help explain how to monitor the current and historic performances of your nominated validator addresses.

Monitoring your nominations current and historic conditions

First you will want to find the list of your nominated validators.

To find the list you can use Polkadot.js developer's chain state page.

1. Under "selected state query", select "Staking".

2. Next to it, select "nominators(AccountId32): Option<PalletStakingNomination>".

3. Enter your wallet address under "AccountId32"

4. and press the "+" sign on the far right.

5. A list of validator addresses will appear under "staking.nominators:Option<PalletStakingNomination>"

Tracking the Performance of a validator address:

Once you have found the list of validator addresses, you can check the current and historic conditions of each one in the Target section of Polkadot.js staking page.

1. First input the validator address in the search field. Once the validator shows up, you can verify whether they are oversubscribed during this Era (indicated by a "scale" symbol on the left side). If it is oversubscribed in this era, it may be that it was oversubscribed in eras shortly before this one. If during an era your stake was allocated to an oversubscribed validator, and you were not in the top 256 nominators ranked by amount of stake, you will not have received staking rewards. The "nominators" column represents the amount of nominators that are currently nominating to this address on the right side, and how many are allocated to the validator address on the left side.

2. Additionally you can select the graph symbol on the right side to get more information about its performance history.

Here you will be able to find the historical era points, elected stake, rewards and slashes, as well as the commissions for each era.

If all your validator addresses were not elected during an era, you will not have received rewards for it. If your stake was allocated to a validator that had a commission of 100%, you will have not received rewards.

With Polkadot staking, it is important to monitor your nominations as their conditions may change. We have created an article providing you more information about polkadot staking mechanics as well as factors to consider to help you nominate the right validators for you.

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