Slashing is currently not enabled but is planned to be implemented in the future.

Validators do not get slashed for being offline, however their rewards will be adjusted by the % of their online participation, for example a validator with 95% uptime will only receive approximately half of the epoch rewards that they could earn. If a Validator misses out on too many blocks, they will be removed from the active set in the next epoch, missing out on rewards for at least two epochs.

It is important to chose a Validator that guarantees high uptime in order to maximise your rewards. P2P Validator are ranked as top position for historical uptime, and have 4+ years of experience in operating secure nodes. Please take a moment to read about why we think you should stake with P2P Validator!

For more information on staking Near (NEAR) with P2P Validator and our special offer for large NEAR delegations, visit

For additional staking support, visit the P2P Near support centre.

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