We will start by setting up your wallet. If you already have a wallet you can skip the Wallet Setup section.

Wallet Setup

  1. Start by downloading the Terra Station Wallet from the official website:

    Download Terra Station

  2. Install the Terra app on your ledger Wallet:

    Ledger Terra app installation

  3. Connect your ledger wallet to Terra Station. To do that simply press Connect and select "Access with Ledger", while having the Terra app open on your ledger wallet:

    Connect Terra station to Ledger

    Connect Terra station to Ledger

    Congrats your ledger wallet should now be connected to Terra Station. Now you just need to deposit funds to that address:

How to Stake

  1. Navigate to the Staking page on your Terra Station:

  2. Select P2P validator from the list:

  3. Press the Delegate button and input the amount you want to delegate:

  4. Confirm the transaction on your ledger and you are set. You will now start earning rewards. Please be sure to always leave a small amount of funds undelegated to pay for transaction fees.

    Please note that rewards are distributed approximately every 10 seconds and you will have to manually claim them.

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